arxaia anopolisAnopolis at Sfakia. The ancient city was built near the village Anopolis at Sfakia. Phoinicousa was its port, at the location of the village Loutro. In this period, there were two cities, Anopolis and Katopolis. Katopolis was known with the name Phoinix.

The ancient Anopolis signed the decree of alliance of thirty Cretan cities with Eumenes B’. The city had also its own currency, since it was independent and free. Parts of Pelasgic cyclopic walls are preserved at Riza location. The city flourished especially in the Roman and Byzantine period. However, Pashley had found shells of the Hellenistic period. That means that the area was inhabited even earlier than the Roman period. There also found ruins of cisterns, part of the water supply of the city. During the Venetian dominion, the city was centre of the Cretan members for the national resistance, in western Crete.

Therefore, the city was destroyed in 1365 AD. It was rebuilt in the period of Turkish dominion. The habitants of the city worked on sailing.

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