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The plateau of the village, at an altitude of 600m. Access is from Chora Sfakia winding road 13km., Who climbs the steep mountains and offers breathtaking views of the rugged landscape and of the sea.

The landscape with the majestic White Mountains and trails that go up to the alpine zone (above 2000m altitude), in contrast to the tranquility of the plateau awe the visitor.

The plateau is fertile and most of it is covered by traditional and modern plantations. Northern plateau and the edge of the peaks, extends the pinewood Anopoli, which is of outstanding natural beauty and is one of the largest in Crete.

From here starts the road to ascension to the White Mountains and the highest peak in the 'Pachnes', the abandoned 50 years Mouri village and the mountain refuge Svourichti - Chouliopoulos. In winter, the plateau 'dresses' sometimes in white. Throughout the year, changing colors and scents because of its rich variety of aromatic and other herbs. Anopoli consists of 11 neighborhoods, the Plain, St. Demetrios, IAR, Vardianoi, Round, Kambia, lakes, Mariana Pavliana, Root and Scala.

In a primary school, kindergarten, clinic and underpins the fire station Sfakion.Oi residents engaged in farming, olive growing, beekeeping and tourism.

Here you find hostels, rooms and apartments, as well as several traditional taverns throughout the year. Also here you will find traditional products, such as the famous nut, honey, olive oil, cheeses, herbs etc. For those interested in activities conducted in the forest organized the sport of Air Soft and which for those unaware, is shooting, with replicas of real weapons and plastic beads. For lovers of herbs, organized outings for identification and harvesting of wild herbs in the area and for those who would like to purchase for farming, there nursery. Also you organized to go hiking in the White Mountains, hiking in the gorges and mountain bike on a network of about 50 km

Main festivals are St. George, the Virgin Mary, St. Demetrius, St. Catherine and Prophet Elias. Do not forget to go up to the temple south of St. Catherine, where the sea is stunning. Anopoli is unique destination that combines leisure, sightseeing and outdoor activities as well as a journey through time in this historic corner of Greece. Spend some time discovering the authentic Crete through a visit to Anopoli! Celebration of gruyere on August 15, is a very good opportunity to taste the local traditional our products and enjoy a genuine Sfakiano feast!


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